Guaranteed Approval

How does Guaranteed Approval Work?

Guaranteed Approval

321 Drive works very hard to approve each and every person that comes into our lot. Many customers want to know in advance the payments they will qualify for. Unfortunately, this is very specific to the customer and vehicle so we do not have a one-size-fits-all answer. However, we offer a Guaranteed Approval program to help you prepare before you come in so you know the maximum amount you may need for any particular selection.

What if I don't meet all the requirements listed for Guaranteed Approval?

If you do not meet all the requirements for Guaranteed Approval, come in anyhow! We approve customers every day with lower down payments, lower payments, and even $0 down. We try to work with the unique situation of every customer.

How do I figure out what I need to bring?

The Guaranteed Approval amount for each vehicle shows the amount that everyone needs to be approved. But, if you don’t have that amount, or don’t meet the requirements for Guaranteed Approval, it’s very likely we can still get you approved for a vehicle.

Requirements for Guaranteed Approval:

Remember, even if you don't meet all of these requirements or have less than the Guaranteed Approval amount, COME ANYWAY!

  1. Have a valid Tennessee Driver License listing your current address and live within 30 miles of the dealership for no less than the last 6 months
  2. Have a verified income of $1500/month or more
  3. Taxes may be required at time of signing (Don’t have all your taxes? Come see us anyhow - these may not be required for everyone)
  4. Provide 2 proofs of income, and 2 proofs of residence
  5. Not filed bankruptcy in the last 5 years
  6. Vehicle must only be for noncommercial, personal use.

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